Computers and screwing with people's heads

My sister has been bugging me when I've seen her about her computer, always when it's not there, usually when I'm about to do something else. And she said tried to call a single time, after saying she would each time.

Ignoring the annoyance of that, I had it done for a while, she had to pick it up. So she did yesterday. It'd been working fine for about 2 weeks. So I hear from her, and it's not working. So I go down and look at it.

The hard drive failed.

More specifically, it developed unreadable sectors very close to the front of the disk, so it's close to unusable. (And generally, a bad sign for how long it'll last after that even if you bypass those sectors.)

And the drives that were at the location, were also unusable. (In the case of one, a LALALALALA sound, and a picture of a BIOS with hands over it's ears appeared, and in the other, a picture of my sister's kitten, on photocopy paper.*)

So I'm now having to clear off one of my hard drives, so she can use it. Fortunately, I bought a half-'terabyte' hard drive a while ago for cheap.

And it appears that something went wrong with another computer.

It appears my chaos field is weakening.

*More specifically: Bios wouldn't see it, and the other drive also had unreadable sectors.

Different ways of looking at people.

I had lunch with my mother, and she remarked as a person was leaving that his head was out of proportion. I didn't see the person, so I don't know. She went on to say that someone is about 7 heads high, and I remarked that usually the leg bones were used to estimate that. She looked at me for a minute then realized why I'd thought and said it.

Her experience comes from being an artist, mine mostly from anthropology classes. (I have drawn a bit, but not much recently, and my proportions are fairly off.)

Of course, not even leg bones are hugely accurate, but they seem to be the majority standard, as while other standards exist, such as Fully's technique which measures most bones involved in stature (heel, leg bones, parts of the hip, spine, and part of the cranium) then attempts to correct for soft tissue in between them. However, that's thrown off, if parts of the skeleton are missing.

Hmmm, I need to organize all the pdfs of papers I've downloaded.


Yesterday, My sister and I buried Calie. (or Callee, the spelling really doesn't matter to those of us who loved her).

Her name comes from me, as a kid, mispronouncing Calico, as Cadico, and it somehow changed to Calie eventually. She lived in our neighborhood and had kittens. However, she got shut into a garage for two weeks when one of our neighbors went on vacation. We took her in and took care of her. Nursing her back to health, and to a bit more than skin & bones, though she was always skinny after that, sometimes worryingly so.

She lived with us, and was regarded as my sister's cat, but she loved all of us and was equally loved. She was one of the nicest cats I've known. She was meticulous about being clean, and she'd clean up other kitties, if they didn't meet her standards.

On June 13, 1997, My sister was away at girl scout camp. I had fortunately fallen asleep upstairs, because there was a flood, and a jet of water the size of a basement window flew over my bunkbed, Dropping only about a foot. While I got upstairs after doors literally blew out at me. Calie didn't. We couldn't find her before we had to retreat due to the water. We heard her crying, as the flood both outside, and inside the basement came within a few millimeters of the main floor. Unfortunately, we couldn't get to her, and she stopped crying. We didn't hear her again that night.

In the morning, the water had drained a batch from the basement. We went downstairs, to see about everything, and to try & pick up the pieces. We looked around, but were afraid she was lost in the debris that had been the basement. However, after a while, I think it was early afternoon, we see her where she could have gotten above the ceiling. She is the most bedraggled, soaked, grungy, shivering mass of cat, you've ever seen. We wrapped her in a towel, and tried to dry her off, and eventually had to go back home, and help. We went to my grandmothers after we got done, and she'd managed to completely clean herself off, and was as beautiful as if the past 24 hours hadn't happened.

That was 10 years ago yesterday.

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I haven't looked at LJ much... so a quick rap up:

School, friends, games, and projects.

Project I'm currently working on is a linux on USB key, where you can boot it up, then just save the whole thing to the disk, and then go to another computer, plug it in, boot, and the exact same stuff is up. If you are familiar with, suspend, suspend-to-disk, hibernate, etc, this is essentially what I'm working on, only you can move the whole system between computers.

I really should be working on other things, but I just had a really nifty idea on it.

GRAR! Feel my impotent wraith universe!

That headache that I had yesterday I still have. Or at least, I now have a sinus headache. (It was either a sinus headache in the back of my head, or it's a sinus headache that decided to move in. Oh happy day!)

Went back and checked on my friends page, posted several comments. Hopefully I'll be forgiven for my inode comment.
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I think I need an industrial strength whack upside the head. As this will either knock me the hell out, or it will cause whatever is wrong with my head to surrender.
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Indecisiveness and niftyness

We'd known the Rolling Stones had been coming to Wichita for a while, however, tickets were not exactly the cheapest thing. Fast forward for anyone who knows me and my dad. Deciding at the last minute, is nothing new at all. So we were at Barnes and Noble, and somehow (I think I recall the linkages, but don't feel like repeating them) my dad was talking to someone we know who had been given 15 free tickets last night and mentioned not knowing if we were going to try and go or not. So, we got free tickets. Score!

The concert was pretty good. We were sitting in the far corner. (Football stadium, stage was in the south endzone area, we were in the north west portion, about 13 rows from the top.) I was impressed by the concert. The level of sound was not bad, and there was enough breeze blowing that I didn't have any major problems due to people smoking. (Until after) It took a while for the crowd to warm up.

An amusing thing was that on the large screen they had, start of (song whose name escapes me) they had short videos of a naked woman. (Nothing more than a nipple showing.) The reaction of some portions of the crowd was amusing. Ah, Wichita.

So, progress on things I had planned on was less than expected today. Sleep now, probably miss a class to finish up the Real Analysis which has been kicking my butt.

Though I did reject the urge to go make a sign suggested by a friend that said "Hitler's mom should have had an abortion" and go stand with some anti-abortion protesters, or drive by them, and have the car stall. (Very easy to have 'happen' if the driver isn't trying to prevent it.) Right on Rock in front of them. (The problem for this situation is of course, that that car always starts right back up.)
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Half Week in Review

The weekend was useful, but royally sucked in some ways.

Sunday and Monday I worked on the homework for Real Analysis, for most of the day. Finally finishing up rewriting it this morning. I also had a report to write for Forensic Anthropology, which I put on the back burner, so I ended up writing it up over the course of Tuesday after Real, and doing not so great a job.

Today, I got started on the next case, which appears to be odd. I can't seem to find how much asymetric variation there is in the skeleton, based off of some quick googling. I found a few papers as a place to start though.

Speaking of google....
What the heck? Is it trying to become Yahoo or something?

Anyway, I've got to present some math problems I've not looked at enough, so it is time to sleep.